TWAIN scanner redirection
In your portal's Session Settings page, enable scanner redirection and click Save: Server setup Download
Fri, 28 Apr, 2023 at 4:36 AM
Cloaked files / folders
Denying access / execution to specific files or folders Cameyo allows you to black-list files so that they cannot be seen, accessed or executed during sess...
Fri, 16 Sep, 2022 at 8:55 AM
Clustering and load-balancing
To group Cameyo servers together into a load-balanced Cameyo cluster, simply assign them to the same server cluster in your server's page: When there...
Wed, 8 Mar, 2023 at 2:24 PM
Native Windows Accounts auto-login
The authentication type Native Windows Accounts requires user credentials to initiate sessions.  It is activated by configuring the PowerTag !NWASAVELOGIN=...
Wed, 4 Jan, 2023 at 8:34 AM
Google Advanced Protection
If your users are getting the following message from Google Advanced Protection: You can add Cameyo as an authroized third-party app, by going to your Go...
Tue, 8 Nov, 2022 at 11:04 AM
Granular Admin Permissions
A nominated Company Admin can delegate specific functions to specific users or user groups e.g. Helpdesk team to perform specific tasks across the Cameyo pl...
Mon, 9 Jan, 2023 at 8:27 AM
Re-enabling Copy/Paste feature if Blocked
If your session is not secure i.e. HTTP and not HTTPS, COPY AND PASTE between sessions will not function.  You will need to use this approach At the la...
Fri, 10 Feb, 2023 at 1:53 AM
Disabling "My profile" for end users
By utilizing the Powertag !USERSETTINGS=0, company administrators have the ability to prevent end users from accessing the My profile page.   Normally this...
Tue, 21 Feb, 2023 at 6:38 AM
SSO integration (Okta)
Cameyo implements the OpenID Connect standard (OIDC) for allowing your users to connect through your cloud SSO identity provider. This article uses Okta as ...
Tue, 6 Jun, 2023 at 4:06 PM
Conditional session access
Cameyo has introduced the ability to control access by country code.  During a session, Cameyo records Geolocation metadata including Country Code: ...
Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 at 4:04 AM