Like on Windows we can provide you with a valid <yourname> certificate.

If your environment requires to have a custom certificate (e.g. your company's certificate) you have to follow this procedure:

  1. Get a valid PKCS#12 certificate (*.pfx / *.p12) as explained in
    Turning your Cameyo server into HTTPS

  2. connect to your Cameyo for Linux box (e.g. by SSH)

  3. modify the file /opt/cameyo/etc/play.json and add/modify the following (red) entries (any other entries are overwritten by the system):
      "RootPath": "/opt/cameyo/www",
      "LogFile": "/opt/cameyo/log/play.log",
      "HttpPort": 80,
      "HttpsPort": 11443,
      "CertificateFile": "/opt/cameyo/etc/mycert.pfx",
      "CertificatePassword": "mysecurepassword",
      "ConnectionGraceTimeout": 180
    use command:
    root@cameyo:/opt/cameyo/etc# sudo nano play.json
  4. restart Cameyo service
    root@cameyo:/opt/cameyo/etc# sudo systemctl restart cameyo

Converting your certificate from PEM format:
If you have your certificate in PEM format, you can easily convert it by using the following command:

openssl pkcs12 -export -out cert.pfx -inkey privkey.pem -in fullchain.pem

If the play.json file gets replaced with the default entries overwriting your changes, then most likely the JSON format is invalid.
You can validate your JSON using the following JSON validator: