Cameyo Temporary User Profiles make it easier to move to the cloud by eliminating the on-premises components that make legacy virtualization solutions so costly and complex – including Active Directory, roaming user profiles, network drive mapping, VPNs, and more.   

The following is an outline of how Cameyo’s Temporary User Profiles technology works, and the functionality that is protected by this latest patent:

  • Cameyo creates Temporary User Profiles that are not tied to Active Directory.
  • When a user is ready to start a session, Cameyo generates an ultra-secure, one-time password.
  • Cameyo then allows the user to connect with a Temporary User Profile.
  • To make sure each temporary session is familiar to the user and where they left off, Cameyo brings back the data from a user’s previous session with its unique Session Sync technology. 
  • For example – a hybrid worker who splits time between home and the office can access all of their apps from anywhere, and their data from previous sessions always follows them so that they can continue to work when they log back in.
  • Whenever they log off, Cameyo wipes that session, but sync the user’s session data with Session Sync.
  • When the user logs back on, Cameyo could be serving them from a totally different server with a brand new, temporary Windows user profile just for that session – while still preserving their data from one session to the next.