Cameyo’s single Zero Trust security architecture includes:

  • Device Access Control – Cameyo never trusts any device (even managed devices) because those devices can be compromised. Cameyo gives users secure access to the apps they need to be productive while providing complete isolation between devices and their organization’s network/data. 
  • Segmentation – Even once users are in a session, Cameyo segments that session from customers’ networks and data to ensure ongoing separation. 
  • Prevention of Lateral Movement – Even in the case where a device has ransomware or malware, that malware cannot reach the customer organization’s network/data, nor can malware on their systems reach the Cameyo system. 
  • Always-On Monitoring & Validation – Cameyo utilizes non-persistent servers, so all customer user data is wiped from the Cameyo server every time the user logs out. 
  • Least Privilege – With Cameyo all traffic is encrypted and apps are delivered from a secure HTML5 browser, separating the user’s device from the corporate network and eliminating the need for VPNs. Cameyo also utilizes Windows Terminal Services and temporary user profiles, ensuring users are unable to access admin privileges, settings, and files.
  • Identity & Access Management – Cameyo integrates with the customer’s Single Sign-On (SSO) provider of choice, and the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) they have set up with their SSO applies to Cameyo.

ISO 27001 Certification

In addition to Cameyo’s continued commitment to delivering the most secure access to applications from any device, the company’s ISO 27001 certification also highlights the company’s commitment to information security. This certification was achieved after an extensive third-party audit and evaluation of Cameyo’s systems, processes, and platform confirmed that Cameyo meets the highest standards when it comes to establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving its information security at all levels. Maintaining ISO 27001 certification requires an ongoing audit cycle that will ensure Cameyo’s ISMS continues to meet the highest standards.