Cameyo's Power Management is a cost-savings feature that allows you to auto-start and auto-shutdown (hibernate) your servers based on usage patterns, shifts, etc. To further increase savings, you can set an inactivity timeout that will end sessions that have been idle for the pre-set amount of time. 

To configure Power Management: 

  1. Log in to Cameyo as an admin. 
  2. Click Servers on the left side of the admin console. 
  3. Click the relevant server. 
  4. Scroll down to the Power Management section. 
  5. Edit Timezone, Working days, Working start and end time, and Inactivity shutdown timeout. 

In the example above, working times are configured to be between Monday and Friday, 0900-1800 in the designated time zone. Your servers will automatically turn on at 0845 and go into hibernation mode at 1800. 

When in hibernation mode, users can still access their applications, but they will need to wait 45-60 seconds for the server to spin up. A notification tells the user that the server is starting and their application will available shortly.