Published apps can be restricted by groups (SSO groups or Cameyo groups).

Clicking the None link will bring up the groups.  Here is an example:

This article gives the steps to enable Google Groups so apps and servers can be restricted to users in the groups the Cameyo admin selects.

  1. Navigate to Company Settings page.
  2. Look for section entitled Google Groups and Cloud Data Persistence.
  3. Click the plug icon to connect an account with the role, Groups Reader.  We recommend a dedicated account instead of a user account that might get deleted if the user leaves or has token expiration.  You will see a screen similar to this:

  4. Sign in with the account you created accessing Google Groups.  Here is an example of what may come next:

  5. Click the box across from Directory (user groups) and then click the Save button at the bottom left of the Cameyo page.

  6. Google will ask for permissions.

  7. Once you click Allow to give permissions, you will be able to select groups to assign to apps and servers.