One of the benefits of Microsoft 365 Apps is that Microsoft provides new (and updated) features for Office apps, such as Excel and Word, regularly. You can control how often the users in your organization get these new features by specifying the update channel.

  • No other Office product with other licenses may be installed, for example a VISIO with LTSC licenses.
  • The update for Office must not be disabled.

  • Check the current channel

Change Channel with PowerShell Script

  • Step 1: Download Script

    Unzip ChangeChannel.zip into a local folder

    Step 2: Edit Script
    Open the script with Notepad or Powershell ISE

    Please enter the target channel in line 10


    Selection of channels:

    BetaChannel = Beta Release

    CurrentPreview = Current Release Preview

    Current = Current Release

    MonthlyEnterprise = Feature updates Monthly Update (recommended) 

    SemiAnnualPreview = Feature updates Preview

    SemiAnnual = Feature updates 2 per year


    Save Script

  • Step 3: Run Script

            Open PowerShell Administrator Console

            go to the folder where script is saved

            and start with command  .\ ChangeChannel.ps1

  • This process can take >10 minutes depending on the computing power