Description of how to prepare and install Office 365 configuration

Office 365 Configuration & Install

Step 1: Prepare the configurations XML 

  • Template of the XML from the Office installation and its options to customize.

  • Options that should be adjusted or are important
    • Description: description of the XML file

    • OfficeClientEdition: Downloads and installs the 64-bit or 32-bit edition of Office.
    • Channel: Office Update Channel
      • BetaChannel = Beta Release
      • CurrentPreview = Current Release Preview
      • Current = Current Release
      • MonthlyEnterprise = Feature updates Monthly Update (recommended) 
      • SemiAnnualPreview = Feature updates Preview
      • SemiAnnual = Feature updates 2 per year 
    • Version: It is possible to install a desired version.
      For this add the Version attribute to the following line

      <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" Channel="MonthlyEnterprise" Version="16.0.16924.20150">
    • Language: For an additional language add another line into the Product tag
      <Language ID="de-de" />
    • ExcludeApp: Declare which apps should not be installed.
      We recommend not to install the follwoing items:
      • Groove
      • Lync
      • Bing

    • Company: Company Name
  • The remaining options:
    • Property:
      • SharedComputerLicensing, 1 is required for a Cameyo server installation.
      • FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN, If the Office app is open, it will be closed.
      • DeviceBasedLicensing, license by device not user (Ony with Intune)
      • SCLCacheOverride, 0 is 1 can specify a path for the license files.
      • Updates Enabled="TRUE", Office Update enabled
    • AppSettings / User Key:
      With these you can set default user settings for Office (Policies)

Step 2: Download the current setup.exe

Step 3: Run Office 365 Setup

  • Download Source Files
    1. Copy the setup.exe and the xml file into a folder. Example C:\ODT
    2. Open a command prompt as administrator:2: Change the directory to the location of your Setup.exe and xml file
    3. Run setup.exe with a /download switch followed by the location of your configuration.xml file. In this case the command would look like

C:\ODT>setup.exe /download "C:\ODT\configuration.xml"

This command will result in the ODT downloading the client specified in your configuration.xml file. 

The download itself will be silent but you’ll know it’s complete when the command prompt window has a carriage return and brings you back to C:\ODT

  • Install Office 365 Now
  1. Open a command prompt as administrator:
  2. Change the directory to the location of your ODT files
  3. : Run setup.exe with a /configure switch followed by the location of your configuration.xml file.
C:\ODT>setup.exe /configure "C:\ODT\configuration.xml"

Office Update Channel detail:

Office Apps Admin Center:

The Office admin Center is a tool from Microsoft to create the Office installation xml file.

but beware:

  •     you need an Office 365 login.
  •     the xml must be adjusted before installation!

These 2 entries must be deleted if they were NOT created with the customer login!
Otherwise, the wrong TenantId will be entered during installation.



What is your Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 tenant ID?

Example Office Setup Files: