Cameyo sessions can be connected to local device folders, allowing users to directly view and edit their local files. This mechanism is HTML5 compliant and secure. It can be activated using PowerTag !WEBFS=1.

How to use

When activated, Cameyo sessions' file dialog will display "My device" on the left-hand side, allowing you to connect your folder of choice:

Clicking on it will let you select the folder to connect:

Due to HTML5 safety measures, you will be prompted for permission twice -- once for Read access and once for Write. Allow both:

Your folders's contents will then be available from Cameyo sessions recursively:

Toolbar button

The PowerTag !WEBFS_TOOLBTN=1 adds this functionality to the toolbar; 

You can let your users connect local folders without having to go through the file dialog

HTTPS is required for this feature.  If your Cameyo server is self hosted and you do not have an SSL certificate, contact Cameyo Support to make connections from outside your network HTTPS.