Create Google Account

The account needs to be marked as “Over 18” and have the Google Cloud Platform service enabled.  It may simplify things to put the account in its own OU or an existing OU that you are comfortable with having these settings.  You can also use a Group for this purpose rather than an OU (whichever fits into your current configuration better).

    Mark the User/Group/OU as “Over 18”


        Account Settings

        Age-based access settings

        Select the User, Group, or OU the account is in

        Make sure “All users are 18 or older” is selected


    Enable Google Cloud Platform for the OU/Group


Additional Google services

Google Cloud Platform

Service Status

Select the Group or OU the account is in

Make sure Service Status is set to “ON”


Account Privileges - the account does not need to be a super admin (and would generally not be recommended)


Create custom role with access to the directory


Admin Roles

    Create new role



    Click Continue

Note: There will be two sets of privileges, the first set is for the admin console and the second set is for API access. Since the account is not accessing the console, it should only need the following API privileges:

Admin API privileges

    Organization Units






Click Continue


Click “Assign users”

        Select the account to assign the role