Publishing an application on your Cameyo server



After you have created a Cameyo server, you are ready to publish an application.


Access the server via :


1) server panel on left side 





 2) connect as admin



Connect as admin


3)  on the server - select the "+" icon in the window that appears above the system tray



publish your apps


4) Browse to the application executable and press "open"





5) press apply





6) confirmation message 









7) browse the apps panel





 8) open the newly published application by pressing the "i"



i (see details)


9) Basic options for the published application:

  • Enabled - enable or disable the application
  • Unauthenticated access - if enabled, anyone with the app's URL can use, i.e. users are not required to log into Cameyo nor do they need to be authorized by your Cameyo admin
  • Show in portal - the app will be displayed to users authorized by your admin when they log in
  • Restrictions - allows restricting availability of app to members of specific user groups