When reporting a technical issue that occurs within a Cameyo session, the following information will help our team get a deeper understanding.

Session ID (most important)

The single most important piece of information when reporting an issue for investigation is the problematic session's ID. This identifier is shown right after the "&token=..." URL parameter of the browser during the problematic session:

If at all possible, several problematic session IDs are better than one.

Screenshot (optional, recommended)

A screenshot of the entire session screen that shows the problem, can be even more helpful than just the token identifier. That's because it:

  • Shows the session token.
  • Shows the situation, which often adds clarity to the problem description.
  • Shows the browser type.
  • May provide additional helpful clues such as: browser extensions, protocol used (HTTP/HTTPS), device type etc.

Repeatability (optional)

It helps knowing whether your issue is entirely repeatable / consistent, or whether it happens only sometimes.