Option 1: deep browser logs (recommended)

To collect deep browser logs:

  • Open the browser's Dev Console before initiating the session:


  • Open the Network tab and check "Preserve log". Keep this tab open:

  • Enter /play URL for starting the session (i.e. online.cameyo.com/apps/.../play) and hit Enter.
  • Save the Network logs (right-click + Save as).
  • Go to the Console tab and save its contents (right-click + Save as).

See video:


Option 2: minimal browser logs

When you encounter a disconnection issue during a Cameyo session, it greatly helps if you can send tech support your browser's console log, right after the disconnection occurred. Here's how to do it in Chrome:

  • Open the Developer tools:

  • Click on the "Console" tab and right-click anywhere in it.
  • Select "Save as" and save the .log file. That's the file you'll need to send the tech team.