Cameyo can redirect USB devices through Javascript's WebUSB interface and is supported on ChromeOS. It allows redirecting non-sensitive USB devices (those which aren't blocked by the browser) such as USB printers and scanners.   Devices with encryption e.g.  Smartcards are currently blocked.

Qualify whether your device is compatible with ChromeOS. To do this simply plug the device in, open your browser and enter chrome://usb-internals/.  Select Inspect.  If you manage to see some information about the device, then your device is likely compatible.

Some devices need to be detected before the drivers can be fully installed.  Other devices do not require the detection of the device.   If detection is required then these important steps are needed to install the drivers and ensure the USB port is configured.

  • It is imperative to have a Windows device nearby to assist with the installation of the drivers. 
  • Apply Powertag !WEBUSB=1 to app/ server
  • Ensure Remote FX features are enabled on the target execution server
  1. On a client PC run gpedit.msc
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client > RemoteFX USB Device Redirection
  3. Set "Allow RDP redirection of other supported RemoteFX USB devices from this computer" option to Enabled
  4. Set who should have RemoteFX USB redirection rights, then click OK and close the policy editor.
  5. Update the machine's policy using: gpupdate /force

  • On the Cameyo Portal configure the NATIVE PLAYER (ADMIN>SESSION SETTINGS)

 Now on the Cameyo server in question:

  • Navigate to COMMANDS and launch Admin>Generate .RDP file
  • Configure the .rdp file to support "Other supported RemoteFX USB devices"

  • Select the Printer/Scanner in question

  • Install drivers for the printer/scanner in question
  • Be sure to select USB Connection
  • An important step post installation is to navigate to the Printer Properties page> Ports and ensure that a USB port is in use (not COM or TS PORTS)
  • This concludes the correct driver and port selection.

 Using the Scanner/Printer on ChromeOS

  • Plug your USB Scanner/Printer into the ChromeOS device
  • Launch the Cameyo app in question
  • Note the USB icon in the Cameyo tray 
  • Select the device in question e.g.
  • Your device is now redirected.