This article only is relevant if you only have on-prem servers.

If all your servers are on-prem, you might want to use a fast internal storage rather than a cloud based storage.

For this to work you have to fulfill several conditions:

  1. On a storage server create a SMB share with the name cameyo-<yourcompanyid> (you can find your company id on your company page).
    This share name is mandatory, if you name it different or misspell it, it will not work.
  2. Create a service user for this purpose (make sure the password doesn't expire).
    For security reason it is best to create a local user that has full rights only to this folder.

  3. Download and start RClone.exe config to create a new configuration

    n/s/q> n (new remote)
    name> remote
    storage> 43 (SMB/CIFS)
    host> (DNS name or IP)
    user> svc_cameyo (your service account name>
    port> ENTER (leave empty for default)
    y/g/n> y (Yes,type in my own password)

    password: mysecretpassword (Enter your password and confirm it)
    domain> ENTER (leave empty for local user)
    spn>ENTER (leave empty)
    y/n> ENTER (advanced: no)
    y/e/d> y (Yes, this is correct)

    e/n/d/r/c/s/q> q (Quit)

    More information iavailable on
    The password will be encrypted

  4. Open the rclone.conf file. It should look like this:
    type = smb
    host = 
    user = svc_cameyo
    pass = ZnaPtbet8riT3_wiUV7JiuvaFBvXm3G3fIcDhdi46Ks
  5. Go to your company page and under Advanced copy the above (without the [remote]) into the Private Storage field.

  6.  After setting this, click [Reset cache] on the same page

  7. Then click [Restart service] on all your servers pages to take effect.

  8. As soon as you start a session, you will see that the share will be filled with data.