If you are using a non-US keyboard on an English Cameyo server you might experience that certain keys, especially Alt Gr + <Key>don't work properly. This is because the default is set to en-US.

This can be set either company wide or on a cluster, server or even on a user or app with the following PowerTag:


The following values are possible:

  • en-us-qwerty
  • en-gb-qwerty
  • de-ch-qwertz
  • de-de-qwertz
  • fr-be-azerty
  • fr-fr-azerty
  • fr-ch-qwertz
  • hu-hu-qwertz
  • it-it-qwerty
  • ja-jp-qwerty
  • pt-br-qwerty
  • es-es-qwerty
  • es-latam-qwerty
  • sv-se-qwerty
  • tr-tr-qwerty
  • failsafe