There is an ongoing Microsoft Office 365 issue which presents users with a 1001 Error when attempting to sign into an Office 365 application.

The process to fix this until Microsoft can deliver a solution:

1) Place customer server or entire Company profile on ALPHA Channel (Cameyo support to manage this step)

2) Place unexplorer.exe per this document into C:\Programdata\Cameyo (also attached)

3) Edit or create startupbefore.bat to include a line START c:\programdata\Cameyo\unexplorer.exe (see attached startupbefore.bat)

4) On the Office 365 application, add the following powertags for performance (!UPCS_SILO) and persistence(!UPCS_INCLUDE )

  • !UPCS_SILO=%app_silo%
  • !UPCS_INCLUDE=AppData/Local/Microsoft/Office/**;AppData/Local/Microsoft/IdentityCache/**;AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Crypto/**;AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Templates/**;AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Excel/**;AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Uproof/**;AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Word/**

5) An additional Powertag of !ALWAYSHOWDESKTOP=1 may also be required if the error persists.

6) The powertag of !STARTUP_BEFORE_BAT=@C:\RemoteAppPilot\VirtPH.exe -exec "C:\Program Files\CyoDesktop\CyoDesktop.exe" must be added to allow for Cameyo's Taskbar to function.