Cameyo implements the OpenID Connect standard (OIDC) for allowing your users to connect through your cloud SSO identity provider. 

This article explains how Google can be used to authenticate via OAuth method as an alternative to the easy Google SSO Integration

Prerequisites (Company Settings page):

  • Google Cloud including Google Workspace.
  • A subdomain and identity domain configured for your Cameyo account as shown below.
  1. Go to your Google Cloud Console

  2. Open OAuth consent screen

  3. Choose User Type Internal

  4. Enter the App information and if wanted additional scope restrictions

  5. Save the consent screen

  6. Go to APIs & Services > Credentials

  7. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS and select OAuth client ID

  8. Select Application type Web Application and add (despite what subdomain you are using!) to the Authorized redirect URIs

  9. Click CREATE and you will get the Client id and Client secret that you need

    You can download the Json file for future reference, if you want

  10. Select Custom (not Google in this case) as SSO provider and set the Issuer URL to and enter the Client id and Client secret from above