Some browsers, e.g. Chrome and Edge, save resources like memory and laptop battery life by putting tabs in an inactive state after a period of time.  When this happens to a Cameyo session, the session may disconnect and sign out the local Windows user.  We recommend disabling this feature or exempting Cameyo from it if users have the tendency to look at other tabs, e.g. read email, whilst having an active Cameyo session.

For Chrome, go to chrome://settings/performance in the address bar.

Memory Saver is disabled entirely in the above screenshot.  No browser tab will be made inactive.

Below, you can see that Memory Saver is enabled, and two Cameyo sites have been added to ensure Cameyo sessions are exempt from being made inactive.

For Edge, go to edge://settings/system in the address bar and scroll down to find the settings pictured below, or you can go to edge://settings/?search=sleep to make only relevant settings show.

You can disable sleeping tabs altogether, choose to Put inactive tabs to sleep after the specified amount of time, or Never put these sites to sleep.  We suggest adding and in Never put these sites to sleep.

Since these settings are on the client side, it is not something that can done from the Cameyo server or by Cameyo.  Please give instructions to your users.

PWAs are not affected by browser inactive settings and always considered active.