Cameyo implements the OpenID Connect standard (OIDC) for allowing your users to connect through your cloud SSO identity provider. This article uses Ping Identity's PingOne as an example, but other OIDC-compliant providers should be similar.

Prerequisites (Company Settings page):

  • A cloud SSO provider supporting OpenID Connect.
  • A subdomain and identity domain configured for your Cameyo account as shown below.
  1. Go to your identity provider's console and go to Applications

  2. Click [Create App Integration]

  3. Choose OIDC first and then

  4. Web Application and click [NEXT]

  5. Configure App integration name, 

  6. Grant types (as shown!)
    Authorization code and Implicit (hybrid)

  7. Set the Sign-in redirect URI to (ALWAYS use, never your company's subdomain!)

  8. Choose the assignments you want, either everyone or only certain groups... and click [SAVE]

  9. Get the needed data (A), (B) and (C) from your newly created application and enter it on your company page: