To activate FileMirror:

  • Create directory C:\UserTemplate\AnyUser\FileMirror and place the contents to be mirrored in it, named according to the Cameyo's virtualization-layer Path Variables (i.e. %AppData%, %Program Files% etc). A service restart is required.
  • Set PowerTag !FILEMIRROR=1

How it works

File mirroring is server-global, meaning there can only be one mirroring for the entire server. It is activated during service startup. During this time, folder C:\UserTemplate\AnyUser\FileMirror is copied into C:\ProgramData\Cameyo\VOS\VirtPlaceholder\PROG. This becomes the mirroring source for applications running under Cameyo's virtualization layer.

In SYSTEM.Log you can see this:

FileMirror: synchronizing: C:\UserTemplate\AnyUser\FileMirror -> C:\ProgramData\Cameyo\VOS\VirtPlaceholder\PROG

Important: if you modify  C:\UserTemplate\AnyUser\FileMirror, Cameyo's service will try to detect and apply the changes into C:\ProgramData\Cameyo\VOS\VirtPlaceholder\PROG upon service restart. However, it is recommended to double-check that the modifications did in fact get synchronized. File deletions do not get synchronized.


Admin preparation:

User session: