To group Cameyo servers together into a load-balanced Cameyo cluster, simply assign them to the same server cluster in your server's page:

When there are several servers assigned to the same cluster, Cameyo uses a weighted round robin algorithm to direct user sessions among available machines. This algorithm takes into account:

  • CPU/RAM load (40%)
  • Number of sessions (40%)
  • Distance from user (20%) (negligible if servers are within the same area)

Custom load-balancing

The above load-balancing algorithm can be changed using PowerTag !LBFACTORS=[dist,load,sessions]. Example:


This example defines load-balancing to be based 20% on distance (servers closer to the user get a higher chance), 40% on server load (servers with lower CPU/RAM usage get a higher chance), 40% on number of sessions (servers with a smaller number of sessions get a higher chance). Can only be defined on clusters or apps.

Multi-regional elasticity

PowerTag !MULTIREGION defines the relative portion (%) of servers to be created in each region.

Defining number of server to be created in each region