Cameyo Rapid Recovery is a cloud-based service allowing you to clone your business-critical productivity apps into Cameyo's cloud environment, so that in case of an on-premises incident such as ransomware attack or natural disaster your employees can continue to work. The steps for enabling this business continuity service are as follows:


  • Cameyo Rapid Recovery account.
  • Request access here


Connect to your Cameyo portal and create a server in a region near you.

Once the server is ready, click "Start now" or "Connect":

Installing your productivity apps

Install your productivity applications on the server and configure them.

Upload application data from a recent backup and set it up to work with your installed apps.

Depending on your apps, data can either be uploaded onto the server as a folder (i.e. using drag & drop or as a download URL) or may require a standalone database server dependency (i.e. SQL server), in which case Cameyo's sales representatives will be able to assist. Either way, document the best way to upload app data from backup, as you'll need to do so in case of a disaster.

Once your work environment is configured and the data is installed and ready, publish the apps as explained here. Document the published app URLs as part of your disaster recovery.

Important: if your disaster scenario needs to handle more than 50 users at the same time, it may require elasticity to be activated. In this case, make sure to inform your Cameyo technical contact.


Test the published app URLs. Provide them to at least two different users for testing, and make sure they use the system at the same time to ensure concurrency compatibility.

Once your testing is done, you can shut down the server and 'freeze' it until it's needed. 

Please read the next section carefully to make sure you maintain the environment as needed.


While the environment is saved separately, Cameyo will take care of regularly applying Windows Updates to it. However, it is important that you update any configuration or product version over time, to ensure that the cloud environment matches as closely as possible your regular (on-prem) environment.

It is also recommended to repeat the above-mentioned Testing steps every few months (at least once every 3-4 months).

Activation / disaster recovery

In case of an on-prem disaster, you will need to perform the previously documented data recovery steps:

  1. Inform Cameyo's technical support ( that you are activating your Cameyo Rapid Recovery environment. 
  2. Include in your message the number of total workers expected to use the disaster recovery environment, as well as the estimated number of concurrent users expected to work on this environment at the same time.
  3. Upload app data from backup using your previously-documented steps.
  4. Provide your workers with the previously-documented app URLs so that they can continue to work.