Cameyo's Progressive Web Application (PWA) provides end-users with a convenient way of connecting to Cameyo apps. It provides a faster UI and an easier way to integrate Cameyo apps within the user's device.

See here for a video tutorial:

Google Admin deployment

Cameyo apps can be deployed as PWA through Google's Admin tools onto managed devices. The PWA link can be generated by navigating to the Cameyo app's page and clicking the PWA button:

You can then enter this link into Google's Admin Center, under Users & browsers:

Click the add button ("+") and enter the PWA's link obtained from Cameyo's portal:

Standalone deployment

When users navigate to the application's page via[app_id] (where [app_id] is the application's numerical ID), they will be offered to install that application's PWA.

Look and feel

Once installed, the Cameyo app can be found among user's standard apps:

It can be pinned to the user's device taskbar / shelf and launched just like a native app:

Notes about PWAs

A PWA app which has already been installed, will not show the installation action. To see which PWA apps are already installed on your device, use chrome://web-app-internals/