Authenticated URL requests are a hybrid between browser-based user authentication and API usage. They allow authenticating specific users by providing an extra URL parameter. This allows performing Cameyo calls through scripting, but without using the API key. This is only recommended when API key is not available or not a good fit.

URL calls requiring user authentication and which support AuthUrl can be used from a script / unauthenticated browser by providing an extra ?auth=... parameter, i.e:[AuthUrl code]

To generate your AuthUrl code, go to and enter the credentials to encode:


  • Cameyo APIs cannot be called using AuthUrl.
  • Not all Cameyo URLs support AuthUrl.
  • AuthUrl codes individual are for each user and need to be regenerated whenever the user's password is changed.
  • AuthUrl codes are not secured nor encrypted, and should be kept safely safeguarded. They should only be sent to the Cameyo portal using HTTPS.

See the API documentation for more details about Cameyo APIs.