Especially if you are using a fully hosted Cameyo server you will have an en-US based operating system with US numbering and time/date formats.

If you are based outside the US you might want to change the formats to your countries settings.

Please follow these instructions to configure the regional settings on your Cameyo server(s):

WARNING: These instructions are only for servers configured for Temporary user accounts. If you use it with Windows Native Accounts or Cached User Profiles you will need to delete existing user profiles but you will loose its content!

  1. Open an Admin session to the Cameyo server

  2. Open the Control Panels International page
    e.g. by starting control.exe intl.cpl,,1

  3.  You will see that the default setting is English (United States) | Match Windows display language

  4. Change the format to your preferred language and click [Apply]:

  5. Switch to the Administrative tab and click on [Copy settings...]

  6. Tick the two check boxes [Welcome screen...] and [New user accounts] and click [OK].

  7. Now, since this setting only affects new user profiles, you have to re-create all users.
    Run the following command to do so:
    C:\RemoteAppPilot\RemoteAppPilot.exe -RecycleAllUsers

  8. From now on a user session will be using the configured formats: