Cameyo has developed a feature called Connection Resilience which is designed to automatically reconnect a session in the event of a network disruption.

There are various types of interruptions, and typically Internet connectivity can result in a loss of connection to the session.

A user can expect the following behaviour:

  1.  Active session
  2.  The interruption will occur and result in Cameyo attempting to reconnect
  3. Cameyo will attempt to re-connect a maximum of 50 times before the session is lost
  4. Session restored
  5. The default Max Disconnect time is 120 seconds/2 minutes
  6. This Max Disconnect period can be changed by:
    1. Apply the Power Tag at a Company, Server, Cluster, Application or User level of !MAXDISCONNECT: time, in seconds, to keep sessions alive in case of disconnection. Equivalent to Windows RDS' MaxDisconnectionTime parameter. Cameyo's default is 120.  The example below of !MAXDISCONNECT=240 would alter the disconnection period from the default 120 seconds / 2 minutes to 240 seconds / 4 minutes:
    2. send an email to

The following internal error codes are excluded from auto-reconnection:

  • 519: authentication error.
  • 521: session within the RD server has ended because it conflicts with another session.
  • 522: RD server has closed the connection because it appeared to be inactive.
  • 523: session within the RD server has been forcibly closed.

On-Prem Server loses Internet access
Active internal connections remain and work can continue, The server does not accept new connections, but the internal active connections continue without problems.