This article shows you how to easily create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for your Cameyo server.

  1. Download the DigiCert Utility from their web site: 

  2. Select the SSL tab

  3. Click [Create CSR]

  4. Make sure the Certificate Type is set to SSL

  5. Set the external name of your Cameyo server as the common name
    If you have multiple Cameyo servers you can create one certificate for all of them.
    Just add all names into the Subject Alternative Names

    You must set the common name AND the Subject Alternative Names (even if your certificate is only for one server. Certain browsers will complain if only Common Name is set but Subject Alternative Names is missing!)

  6. Click [Generate]

  7. Either copy the CSR into the clipboard or save it into a file (whatever is requested by your certificate provider

  8. Create the certificate at your preferred certificate provider using the generated CSR

  9. Once you have downloaded the certificate from your certificate provider, import it into the DigiCert Utility (the utility is capable of reading most certificate types you can get from your provider)

  10. After the certificate has successfully imported, select it from the list

  11. Click [Export Certificate]

  12. Export the certificate as a PFX file (including all certificates)

  13. Click [Next]

  14. Enter the password and note it, you will need it later again

  15. Click [Next]

  16. Save the PFX file to C:\RapPrereqs\Tomcat\conf\

  17. Proceed with the following article:
    Turning your Cameyo server into HTTPS