If you want to restrict only certain users or groups of your company (Azure AD) to access Cameyo you can configure this on the Cameyo app:

  1. Log in to your Azure AD portal

  2. Open your Azure Active Directory

  3. Navigate to [Enterprise applications]
  4. Open the Cameyo SSO app (The name can vary)

  5. Navigate to [Properties]

  6. Switch "User assignment required?" to [Yes]

  7. Navigate to [Users and groups]

  8. Click [Add user/group] and assign the required users and/or groups on the following screen

  9. Click [Assign]

After configuring this, only users/groups assigned to the app will be able to sign in to Cameyo.

Others will get an error like this:

Be aware that changing users and groups in Azure AD does take some time (we experienced up to 15 minutes) until it takes effect