Sometimes you may need to delay a Cameyo server's start time, making it report as "Ready" only after some condition is met, i.e. a process has started. This can occur with licensing servers. This article explains how to delay servers' readiness signal until some conditions are met.

Step 1: create a batch or PowerShell script that waits for the condition you are waiting for. For example, to wait for a process named "adskflex" to be running you can use the following PowerShell script:

while ((Get-Process "adskflex" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) -eq $Null) {
    Sleep 2
Sleep 3

Step 2: rename this script StartupGlobalSync.[bat / ps1] and place it in C:\ProgramData\Cameyo

Step 3: define a persistent system environment variable named CAMEYO_STARTUP_SYNC_SCRIPT_TIMEOUT=300000. This ensures that Cameyo will hold execution up until 5 minutes (if not set, 30 seconds is the default timeout).