The following list gives an overview of zones and features in Google Cloud we support* in Cameyo:

Region Code Region Name GPUGPU types
us-east1-dUS East✔️T4, K80
us-west1-bUS West✔️T4, V100, P100, K80
us-central1-aUS Central-a✔️T4, P4, V100, K80
europe-west1-bEurope (Belgium)✔️P100, K80
europe-west2-cEurope (UK) 
europe-west3-aEurope (Germany) 
europe-west4-aEurope (NL)
europe-north1-cEurope (Finland) 
asia-east1-aAsia East✔️T4, P100, K80
asia-southeast1-aAsia South East 
asia-northeast1-aAsia North East
southamerica-east1-aSouth America East 


Please be aware that we don't support other zones*)

*) This is by October 2020. Keep in mind that Google as well as Cameyo can change this anytime