CloudDrop allows you to deploy server-global files dynamically during Cameyo's service startup, using your cloud storage as a central repository.


CloudDrop only works when cloud storage is activated in your company settings page. Just like SessionSync, it supports standard cloud storage, BYO-Cloud storage or custom-defined private storage.


To activate CloudDrop, you need to create a folder profiles\CloudDrop\ProgData within your cloud storage bucket. Files within this folder will be copied into C:\ProgramData\Cameyo upon your Cameyo servers' startup. As an example, placing a file in your bucket as shown here:

Will result with this on your Cameyo servers:

Central scripting and user templates

You can use CloudDrop to centrally deploy:

  • Cameyo script files such as StartupBefore.bat, StartupGlobal.bat -> C:\ProgramData\Cameyo\StartupGlobal.bat
  • Cameyo user templates: UserTemplate\AnyUser\%Profile% -> C:\ProgramData\Cameyo\UserTemplate\AnyUser\%Profile%


  • CloudDrop only allows dropping files into C:\ProgramData\Cameyo. However, you can then automate deployment of any files within this directory into other parts of the server's hard drive by including a StartupGlobal.bat script which can copy the necessary files to another destination (i.e. using "copy" or "xcopy").
  • Files are copied from the central cloud storage, not synchronized. In other words, if you later remove a file that's already been deployed, it will not be removed. If you wish to remove previously-deployed files, you can use a custom StartupGlobal.bat script (i.e. using the "del" command).