Cloud servers, whether hosted by Cameyo or hosted by a customer, have a performance level assigned to them. Here are the server specifications for each level.

GCP TypeAzure TypeVirtual CPUsMemoryComment
5n1-standard-1StandardDS1V213.75 GBNo Internet access
n1-standard-1StandardDS1V213.75 GBInternet access
7n1-standard-2StandardDS2V227.50 GB 
8n1-standard-4StandardDS3V2415 GB 
9n1-standard-8StandardDS4V2830 GB 
10n1-standard-16StandardDS5V21660 GB 


A basic trial server is set to level 5 (without Internet access). A business trial server is level 7 by default.

Level 7 is the typical server level for line-of-business applications, such as Office, ERP, and other non-taxing applications.

Level 8 is the typical server level for more resource-intensive applications such as Adobe Photoshop. 

Level 9 is the typical server level for GPU servers running 3D applications like AutoCAD.