• Create a storage account dedicated to Cameyo's persistent data. It does not matter how it is named. It is recommended to set the location close to your Cameyo servers. A general-purpose StorageV2 storage account is recommended. Choose Standard performance, not Premium.
  • Within this storage, create a Container named "cameyo-[accountId]", replacing [accountId] with your Cameyo's account ID. Your Cameyo account ID can be found in your Company Settings page, under Advanced. It should be similar to "cameyo-1edc4132-767f-44c2-a502-537138b1b725" (all lower case).
  • Obtain your storage account name and key from your Azure portal Storage account | Access keys:

  • In your Company Settings page, under Advanced, fill-in Private storage:

  • The syntax is as follows, using the Azure storage account name and key obtained during the previous step:
type = azureblob
account = [storage_account]
key = [storage_key]
  • Make sure SessionSync is enabled in your portal configuration and test the result by launching a user session. Your Azure storage should look like this: