Setting up Cameyo server for IME keyboard input

  1. Set a PowerTag !ImeMode=[switch-mode], where switch-mode can be either 1 or 2:
    • 1: standard language switching.
    • 2: IME mode (i.e. Japanese).
  2. Set a PowerTag !ImeLang=[lang] where lang is the language code-name, i.e. "ja" (without the quotes) for Japanese. Several languages can be specified separated by comma, i.e. "th,en-US" for Thai, English US.
  3. In your Cameyo session settings page under the "Appearance" section, set "Keyboard mode" to "Windows OSK" for both Desktop and Mobile modes.
  4. Make sure the Keyboard button is enabled in "Session controls". You can choose between "button" or "toolbar" mode as you prefer.

To test the language switching mode, start a Cameyo session on this server. Sessions will start in the default language. In case of IME, the default initial language is always English. To switch into the secondary language, click on the Keyboard icon button. According to your selected toolbar style in step #4, it will look as either of these at the bottom of your screen:


Clicking on the Keyboard button will switch the input language: