Cameyo's user roles for servers, apps, and settings management.

Cameyo's user roles was designed to be simple while fitting to most use-cases. The possible roles are:

  • Member: the lowest permissions level for a company account, allowing end-users to play application sessions without any interaction with the portal or configuration.
  • Admin: the highest permissions level for a company account, allowing to set up and configure servers, applications, apps, and settings.
  • Sub-admin: a hybrid between members and admins, sub-admins are limited to managing certain servers and apps. This role is typically meant for large companies and geographically-distributed teams.
  Member Admin Sub-admin
App playing L Y G
App management   Y G
Server management   Y G
Server creation   Y  
Server admin & app publishing   Y G
User management   Y  
Company settings   Y  
Session settings   Y  

L = limited based on permissions.

G = limited to servers, apps and users within his own group.

Permissions-based limitation

What defines whether a user or sub-admin is allowed for certain applications or apps is their user group membership combined with the Restrictions setting which can be defined for apps and servers:

This restrictions list can be defined for applications and/or servers. Restrictions are either empty in which case all users are allowed access, or selectively defined in which case only users belonging to one of the authorized groups are allowed access.

If both an application's and server's restrictions are set, users must be authorized for both or else they will not be allowed to access the application.


Sub-administrators are limited to managing servers, apps and users within a certain group, often geographically assigned. To activate a sub-admin, the following has to be done by an administrator:

  • In the Users page, click on the intended sub-admin. Set its role to sub-admin and save.

  • Make sure the sub-admin belongs to the group which you'd like him to manage. If you assign user groups manually via the Cameyo interface, you can do it in the same page. If you do it through a separate Directory or SSO service, it needs to be done there.
  • Go to pages of the server cluster you'd like to assign to this sub-admin and click on restrictions. Check the same user group you've assigned the sub-admin.

That's it. The sub-admin is now limited to managing this server and its assigned apps.