How to login within the context of a Cameyo temporary user account (RemoteUserX)

When testing or troubleshooting an issue, it is sometimes useful to login as a Cameyo temporary user (RemoteUser1, RemoteUser2...)

In this article we will use RemoteUser3 as an example, but you are free to choose any RemoteUserX:

  • Log into the server as Admin.
  • Run cmd.exe as administrator.
  • Set the RemoteUser's password to a known password using the command "net user RemoteUser3 !Watchdog456" (or another password of your choice).
  • Right-click on cmd.exe in the Start menu, and select "Run as different user". Enter the credentials: RemoteUSer3 | !Watchdog456
  • Using the above "net user" command, change the password back to something random when you are done, to avoid leaving the computer at a security risk.