Cameyo's native Windows client allows direct printing of .prn file directly to the client's printer using the WritePrinter API

Cameyo allows you to send raw printer data to the user's printer. This requires using the native player ([your_app_id]/native). Printer writing is triggered by creating on the server side a .prn file named:
  • ArbitraryName: any arbitrary name for making the file name unique. It should typically be a serial / random number to allow placing several similar jobs within the same directory.
  • PrinterName: printer name to be used for OpenPrinter.
  • DataType: data type, i.e. "RAW"
  • DocName: document name as passed to the printing APIs.
  • .prn: file extension indicating that this is a direct printing job.


C:\Users\RemoteUser4\4234,Brother HL-1110 series,RAW,SomeDoc#1.prn