Configuring Cameyo for using your GCP project's custom VPC and subnets

To specify a custom VPC and/or subnet for your Cameyo GCP project, proceed as following:

  • Navigate to your Cameyo BYO GCP page:
  • Within the service account JSON, enter two additional fields: "CustomNetworks" with your VPC setting, and (optionally) "CustomSubNets" with your subnet. Example below:


VPC: projects/project-8743643/global/my-custom-vpc
Subnets: projects/project-8743643/regions/us-east1/subnetworks/my-trusted-subnet1

If you are using different subnetworks for different regions, please contact and we will help you set them up.

You can find the full RESTful name of your subnets by clicking on the REST link on their page and referring to the "selfLink" item: