Creating an app

Unless you already have an Azure AD app, you need to create one to connect to Cameyo. In your Azure portal, go to Azure Active Directory and click on App Registrations.

  • Create a new application by clicking "New registration".

  • Name it and select the relevant account type (usually "Accounts in this organizational directory only").
  • Under Redirect URI, add:
  • Click "Register"

Take a note of your "Application (client ID)" and "Directory (tenant ID)":

Click on "Certificates & Secrets" and create a new client secret for Cameyo. Take a note of the new Client Secret as it won't be displayed again afterwards:

Connecting to Cameyo SSO

Send these 3 items to Cameyo's support team:

  • Application (client) ID
  • Directory (tenant) ID
  • Client Secret (see below)

To obtain the client secret, go to "Certificates & secrets" and click "New client secret"