Installing your preferred version of .NET on a Windows Server

By using the Windows server 2016, 2019 or 2022, we can install .NET Framework 3.5 which can be easily installed through Server Manager.

  1. Open 'Services' and double-click on the Windows Update service. If the service is set to Disabled (which it should be in most cases), then change the setting to Manual and click OK.
  2. Open the ‘Server Manager’ and navigate to the ‘Manage’ and then select ‘Add Roles and Features’.

  3. Click next to ‘Features’ section and select the option ‘.NET Framework 3.5’ then click ‘Next’ button.

  4. Click on ‘Install’ on the ‘Results’ section. It will start the installation process.

  5. Finally, when the .NET Framework 3.5 has been successfully installed on Windows server 2016, click on the ‘Close’ button to finalize the installation process.

  6. Return to the Services window and disable the Windows Update service.
  7. Restart the server!!!
    This is a very important step and shouldn't ever be forgotten because Windows is in a bad state after installing .NET and without a reboot.