HealthMon: Cameyo's quality of service bot

Cameyo runs an automated quality of service health monitoring bot named HealthMon. This bot regularly checks Cameyo's servers, providing indication in case of problem. The test bot's results are indicated in green or red on the server's list:

To explicitly request a bot check, type the server's URL followed by /check. For example:

HealthMon will then check your server within the next 10-45 minutes.

How does it work

HealthMon is a special Chromium browser designed specifically by Cameyo to regularly trigger test sessions on your servers and detect any kind of anomaly. Incidents can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from networking issues to hard drive space to certificate expiration etc. HealthMon emulates an A-to-Z session test scenario as if it were an end-user. It triggers WordPad test sessions and compares the resulting screenshots. In case of an anomaly it will turn the health indicator to red and send a signal to our support team.

Enabling HealthMon

If you are a paying customer, HealthMon is enabled on your servers by default. However, your servers must be accessible via HTTP(S) port from If your firewall prevent external access to your Cameyo servers, you will need to authorize access from it (i.e. -> Cameyo server : 80 / 443). For more information, see Network ports and addresses.