To install Cameyo Native Player with any deployment software we have created an MSI

Manual installation

By double clicking the MSI you can install it manually

Accept the license agreement

Choose the setup type
· Typical: Installs only the Native Player
· Custom: You can select which options you want to install (see next screen)
· Complete: Installs all features

Enable the features you want when selecting "Custom Setup"

Click [Install] to start the installation

Automated (Silent) installation

msiexec /i <mysource>\CameyoPlay.msi /l* %TEMP%\CameyoPlayInstall.log INSTALL_KERNELMODE=1

This is just a sample if how to start a silent installation (incl. logging and kernel mode driver install) from command line. Use this for your deployment software accordingly

Public properties

INSTALL_KERNELMODE=1 Installs kernel mode drivers for USB
ADDLOCAL=ALL Installs all features (Complete)
REBOOT=ReallySuppress Doesn't ask for a reboot



Be aware that installing the kernel mode driver requires a reboot of the computer. To suppress a reboot, use the REBOOT=ReallySuppress property.

The installer is designed to take care of multiple users working on the same computer. The very first time a user logs in, the necessary steps will be executed.