How to add machine-wide folders Cameyo's Session Sync synchronization.

By default, Cameyo's data persistence component synchronizes users' data between servers. This article explains how to add global folders to the synchronization.

  • With data persistence enabled, log in to your Cameyo server as admin.
  • Set a server-wide (or cluster-wide) PowerTag !UpcsGlobal=1.
  • By default, C:\Users\Public will be the synchronized directory. If you'd like it to be different, set a PowerTag !UpcsGlobalPath=path (i.e. "C:\Data").
  • Restart your Cameyo servers (or simply their respective services).

Note: a backup ZIP of the global directory's contents will automatically be generated upon each server reboot, within that server's directory C:\RapPrereqs\RClone\Bak.